Microsoft confirm Windows Vista reaches end of life and may become a major security risk from 10 April 2017.

Windows Vista reaches end of life on 10 April 2017According to the Microsoft Lifecycle Fact Sheet Windows Vista reaches end of life on 10 April 2017.  After this date any computer running Windows Vista will no longer receive critical windows updates.

Windows Vista reaches end of life is just a Microsoft scare tactic, right?

The Internet is full of people trying to get one up on Microsoft, trying to prove just how bad their software is. Occasionally they do find holes or weaknesses in Microsoft’s programming.  When this happens Microsoft are quick to write fixes for these issues. They release these patches through Windows Updates.

However, it costs a lot of money and time to write patches for old operating systems and programs. Microsoft instead publish lifecycle dates.  These lifecycle dates let everyone know when they will cease fixing bugs and writing updates for each of their products.

Will Windows Vista reaches end of life cause it to STOP working on 10 April 2017?

No!  The computer will continue to operate normally. However, if a major security flaw or bug is identified the computer will not receive a fix for it. Of course some security flaws are minor and unlikely to affect you. Other security flaws are so major that they can compromise your entire network. Which of these will be found in the future remains to be seen. As Microsoft Vista reaches end of life any of these flaws will not be rectified.

What are the options?

There are several options and the correct choice when Windows Vista reaches end of life is entirely yours.

  1. Live with the operating system and risks
    and understand that it may leave your personal information, passwords and other private data at risk of theft.
  2. Upgrade the Operating System on the same computer
    by upgrading to Windows 10 you will keep the same hardware and software.  However you need to make sure that your hardware and software support Windows 10 before you upgrade. Call us, we are experts in this arena.
  3. Replace the computer with faster, more modern hardware and Windows 10
    as it may be time to do that anyway especially if your computer is over 5 years old.

Which option you choose depends on your preference.  Whatever you choose you may wish to talk to us first.

How to identify an operating system?

It’s very easy to identify which operating system you are running.  Simply go to http://whatsmyos.com and in the very top box it will display your operating system.

Alternatively, click your Start button on the bottom left of your screen, type


and press return. A box will appear similar to the one below.  Under the Windows edition section it will tell you what edition of Windows you are running.

Windows Vista reaches end of life

Next steps?

Our advice is to seek professional assistance.  We are trained Microsoft experts and partners so who better to guide you through to the next Operating System?

Call us today.

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