Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Microsoft have announced the release of Windows 10 this July.


As you may or may not know, their launch of Windows 8 was not as successful as they had hoped. This time around, and to try and avoid the same embarrassment, they are being far more aggressive with launching Windows 10. They are/will be displaying messages on your computer asking you to upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE!


So, should you upgrade? It’s tempting to accept the free upgrade and install it immediately. However, there are some very important points you may want to consider first.

  1. Is your computer powerful enough?
    Invariably, installing a newer operating system may make your computer feel slower. New features may need more power to function properly.
  2. Will all your devices (printers, scanners, webcams etc) still work?
    While Windows 10 supports more devices than ever before you MUST check with the device manufacturer first. Failing to check if it is compatible may mean that you won’t be able to use that device with Windows 10.
  3. Will all your programs work with Windows 10?
    Again, you MUST check with your program makers. This is particularly important if your program is critical to your business.
  4. Is it really free?
    Great question, and we simply don’t know yet. Microsoft say it is free for the FIRST YEAR. Does that mean that you will have to pay thereafter? We just don’t know.

So, while it is tempting to upgrade to Windows 10 immediately, our professional advice would be to wait and see. Let other people (like us) try it out first. Yes we do get a preview version but no it’s not the final version.  Unfortunately we get that the same time as you do.

Once the dust has settled, check that your software and devices are compatible. If they are and your computer is powerful enough then go for it!

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