Wifi Analysis

You rely on WiFi throughout your life.  It provides Internet access on far more than just the laptop computer and can include devices as obscure as fridge freezers!  With all these devices now becoming more seemingly reliant on WiFi it often results in poor WiFi performance and unstable connections.  Why?  Here, we discuss the reasons and what we can do to help.

Why is my WiFi signal unreliable?

Without using some sort of WiFi Analysis to diagnose poor wireless performance, it is easy to assume that WiFi should work 100% all of the time.  Because it is non-audible it’s difficult to understand why WiFi works in one area but not another or in one room and not another.

However, the reality is that WiFi is far more prone to interference, range and volume issues than you might imagine.

Wifi Analysis for poor wireless performanceFor example, imagine switching on the radio and listening to some music in the kitchen.  If you stay in the same room it probably sounds great even if someone has another radio switched on in a different room. Now move to the living room and the radio you were listening to is now far more difficult to hear.  It’s gone quieter while the radio from the other room has gotten a bit louder.  This is, essentially, true of WiFi too.

Of course you could simply turn the radio up, but so will the person in the next room to counteract your volume increase.  But, just like a normal radio there is a volume limit.  Almost ALL wireless transmitters are already running at the maximum LEGAL volume limit.

To help combat this WiFi has a way of separating itself out.  Each station has it’s own channel and there are 14 channels to choose from.  Unfortunately, to help speed up your wireless signal from the old 11 Mbps to the newer 450 Mbps or beyond the signal needs to use multiple channels at once!  Because of this, the standard Wifi has around 4 usable channels of the original 14 channels.

Now, imagine that you have two radios playing and your are still just about able to listen to your radio station when an aeroplane flies overhead.  Suddenly and for a short period you cannot hear your radio station.  In the WiFi world we call this interference.  It can be a continuous interference (like living next door to the motorway) or a temporary interference (like the plane analogy).

Wifi AnalysisDuring our Wifi Analysis we have found a multitude of devices that can cause interference, here is a short typical list:

So what’s the solution? WiFi Analysis!

Wifi Analysis MetageekWe are Wifi Analysis experts.  We have expensive and complicated equipment (and staff) that are able to assess your environment and propose a solution for you. Our WiFi Analysis and wireless performance service helps to identify all the possible issues that are affecting your wireless network.

Contact Us today to arrange a Wifi Analysis site survey which will identify which of the problems listed above is affecting your wireless network.  Once you are armed with that information you can, with our assistance if necessary, make the necessary changes to get the best possible WiFi network.

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