Surviving Windows 8

Well Windows 8 is here to stay so while you might love or hate it, here are some tips that will help make using Windows 8 that bit easier…

Tip 1: Start Key

Survive Windows 8

It’s very easy to get lost in Windows 8.  Many of our customers have found themselves stuck in screens they don’t recognise with apparantly no way out.  Pressing the Windows key on the keyboard will always return you back to the start menu.

What’s more, once you’re back at the start menu try typing while the start menu is visible.  You’ll notice that the start menu changes as you type.  For example if you want to change the printer settings press <flag> and type printer.  You’ll see that the menu changes to intelligently work out what you’re trying to do.  Also on the right of the menu you’ll see categories of programs, settings and files.  Remember to look under those categories for the program or file your searching for.

Tip 2: Desktop – quick, sharp!

WIndows 8 Desktop

Windows 8 looks radically different.  The new start menu is very obviously touch screen orientated.  But what if you want to get to the familier desktop?  Pressing <start key> + D will get you there quickly and from anywhere.  Whether you’re stuck in Word or iTunes, just press <start key> + d to get to the familier desktop.

Tip 3: Just quit!

Another excellent feature of Windows 8 is that programs are set to intelligently close.  This means that you’ll find the big, red X button at the top of some apps is missing!  Don’t fear, if you really want to close the program yourself just hold down the <alt> key and press <F4> on the keyboard.  The program should then immediately close down and return you to the start menu, desktop or the previous app you were using.

We’ll update this page as we find more Windows 8 survival tips that we think are useful.

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