Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is FREE

Windows 10 is here at last, and it’s free!

Sounds too good to be true of a giant corporation that once charged for everything from word processing to gaming.  Like us, however, I’m sure you are being bombarded with messages about upgrading to Windows 10.  So what to do?

Should you upgrade?

Well, our first comment is that we LOVE Windows 10.  It’s so easy to use, intuitive and modern.  What’s not to like?


Before you dive in and upgrade be aware that the process can take over an hour to complete.  So if you’re going to do it over lunch be sure you’ve brought plenty to eat and read!  The upgrade process itself however is pretty slick.  You simply click on the link and say yes.  Then a short while later (when the download is complete) the computer will prompt you to install Windows 10.

Before you actually install Windows ask yourself the following questions…

  1. Have you checked with your critical program makers like Sage, AutoCad or QuickBooks (to name a few) whether the version you are running supports Windows 10?  No? STOP right there DO NOT install Windows 10 until they release a version that does support it.
  2. Have you checked all your peripherals are compatible?  Microsoft Readiness check said that my printer was 100% compatible, but now it won’t print tick boxes!  Contact the manufacturers of the devices and have them confirm it!
  3. Have you got a plan B?  If the upgrade fails and your computer is ‘bricked’ what’s your backup plan.  PLEASE don’t call us afterwards and ask for a miracle.  Miracles are possible but very expensive.

Still not sure?

Numerous customers have asked us to do the upgrade for them.  Of course, we think think that’s very sensible.  We backup the computer (plan B), we contact the software people, we check the devices, we carefully upgrade and then we test.  It takes us about 3 hours to complete but at least you can be sure that your computer is tickity boo when you get it back.

How much does this amazing service cost? A lot less than your wasted time we’d say!  Just £90 + vat* to harness the knowledge and experience of our team to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 in our workshop.  Not bad, eh?

Call us now to book your upgrade…

* Prices quoted are standard turnaround in the workshop.  Other options are available.

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