Server Warranties

Do you have a Dell, HP, Fujitsu or IBM Server in your office?

If so, I am frequently asked if the warranty needs extending.  Warranties have a bad reputation as they are renowned for being revenue generating and usually unnecessary. However, in the case of your server I think it is very important.  The server is the heart of your network and without it the computers may not function at all.

What does the server do?

Here are some of the jobs that your service is responsible for:

  1. Issuing IP addresses to your computers (like telephone extension numbers)
  2. Finding websites on the Internet
  3. Finding other computers in your network
  4. Sharing your files
  5. Sharing your email
  6. Printing

So the server does a lot of work, all day, every day.

But what’s the worst that can happen?

Well, the worst that can happen is that the motherboard fails.  This can happen when an electronic component on the board decides it can no longer cope with life and gives up.  When that happens the server will power off or fail to start up again.

With a warranty: It’s no problem, we simply call Dell, HP, Fujitsu or IBM for you and request a replacement.  They then send the part and an engineer within 4, 8 or 24 hours depending on the warranty you have.  The server is then up and running.

Without a warranty: Big problem.  The manufacturers are not obliged to sell you the part you need.  They have no contract with you and so you may not be able to buy the replacement part.  Even if you can obtain the part it may take days to receive the replacement.  In some cases it has taken up to 10 days to locate a suitable replacement part!

So, do you need to renew your warranty?

Yes if you’d like to minimise the time it takes to repair the server in the event of a failure.
So don’t delay, renew your warranty today with us on 01494 784784 or contact us.

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