Next Generation Hybrid Backup

Let's talk about more resilient, next generation hybrid backup services...

Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution by Alcom ComputingIn 1951 punch cards were used as a form of storing data for, what's now considered primitive, computing systems. These punch cards would literally need acres of storage but must be kept just in case the computers needed reprogramming. The first backups were created.

Wind forward to the mid 60's and punch cards were soon replaced with more efficient magnetic tapes. Tapes reduced the amount of physical space required to keep backups and remained a popular method of keeping important data safe right through to the late 1990's. However, keeping backups was cumbersome, unreliable and not very secure because a stolen backup tape could easily be read by other computers.

In the 2000's backup tapes were replaced with external hard disks and encryption was introduced to bring a layer of security. However, staff and users still forgot to swap disks, left them in the baking heat of the car seat and rarely checked if the backups were successful or not. Sound familiar?

Restore Times...

Backup devices usually have a limited amount of storage space so it was standard practice to backup only important data. In practice, this means that in the event of a catastrophic failure, the server would first have to be rebuilt, reinstalled, reconfigured and then, finally, have the data restored. The time taken for this process to complete would often run in to many days.

Welcome to 2017 and the our Hybrid Backup System.

Alcom Hybrid Backup SystemWaiting many days to recover a critical server or computer on the network is the most frustrating part of any disaster. Our Hybrid Backup System does away with disks, tapes and even staff responsibility all together. In our new system the backup software backs up a photocopy of the entire server to an on-premise storage vault (supplied by us) and simultaneously to the Cloud. The entire computer is photocopied, lock stock and barrel is to both on-premise vault and cloud locations.

In the event of a catastrophic failure we simply restore the photocopy back to the computer from the point of the backup, usually the previous nights snapshot.

Using our Hybrid Backup System the recovery time from a catastrophic failure (fire, flood or theft for example) is reduced from many days to just a few hours. How many hours? Well that really depends on how big the servers are and the technology used to restore.

Hybrid Technology brings Hi-Benefits...

Our Hybrid Backup System gives you both on-premise and cloud backups in one system. Therefore, if the server room is destroyed and the local backup storage is lost having a photocopy of the servers on the Cloud ensures that all is not lost.

Leveraging the Cloud is much cheaper than building your own geo-redundant multi-sited backup solution. Choosing Alcom to experly administer your Hybrid Backup Solution puts your backup problems to bed, permanently.


Recover Fast

Get up & running again faster

Be Resilient

On-premise and Cloud protection

Stay Compliant

Fully UK based data protection


Unlimited Devices

Unlimited Cloud Storage

HandsOff Administration

OnPremise & OnCloud

6 Monthly Snapshots

4 Weeks of daily backups


from just £99 + vat per month


Is there an annual contract?

No, our product is charge month-to-month and grows/shrinks with you and your needs.

Is an on-premise vault required?

No, our backup solution will work without one but you will extend your recovery time signicantly as you will be reliant on your Internet speed.

Can I administer the backup myself?

There is nothing to administer on the servers but we do offer a portal you can access to check on progress. Remember, it is designed to be hands free, leaving you free to worry about other things.

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