Email Safety Tips

It’s so easy when we use email day in, day out to forget the basic rules of email safety. Some new users never get the opportunity to learn the rules and so can make some simple mistakes that can have devastating consequences. In our blog, we hope to help you learn the do’s and don’ts of email usage…

  1. Never Open Unexpected attachmentsYes, that is NEVER!  Whatever the email tells you, even if you have won the lottery, due a tax rebate, missed a delivery or even to save the King of Botswana!  NEVER open attachments that you are not expecting, even from a friend.
  2. Never Click a Link in an emailAgain, NEVER!  As above, even if the bank have sent you an email congratulating you on the £100,000 deposit payment, please, please, please don’t click the link to confirm that you want the money.  Links in emails can be spoofed to go to a different website.  So while the link reads www.lloydsbank.com it can actually go to instead www.steelmymoney.baddy.com.  Worse, the dodgy site will look genuine and you will gleefully enter your name, address, date of birth, password and pin number to log in.  Ooops!
  3. Regularly change your passwordI know, you’ve just sighed!  We all hate changing passwords, I get it.  But changing your password at least every 3 months is a sure-fire way of protecting your email account.  It also stops robots using your account to send spam.  Yes, YOUR account!  Most spam is sent using normal users mailboxes to help evade spam detection.  Spammers guess passwords and set the bots using these insecure mailboxes.  Please change your password regularly.
  4. DON’T reply, forward or UNSUBSCRIBE from dodgy spamThis one is tricky.  You can unsubscribe from reputable companies like Tesco, Amazon or eBay because they have to give you the option by law.  But dodgy Spam such as Viagra have an unsubscribe link just so they know that you exist.  If you click it you are a real person and so should get MORE spam!
  5. Check your Antivirus SoftwareI know, you have an IT department that are pretty awesome!  But would it hurt for you to check your own computer in addition to relying on us?  Double click the antivirus icon at the bottom of your screen by the clock.  Get to know it, take it out for dinner!  Don’t forget that old adage… a loved antivirus is a productive antivirus.
  6. Lastly, think before you SENDEmail systems were invented before colour TV!  That means they are way old!  Nothing much has changed since then which is why you can’t send large attachments, why you get so much spam and why emails are sent in a way that anyone in the world can read them (unencrypted)!  So please don’t send credit card numbers, pin codes, phone numbers, maiden names and so on.  It’s just not secure!
  7. Check back soonRules change as clever people think of more ways to hack your email accounts and send you spam.  So please check back here at least twice a year to refresh your skills and to check for any new suggestions.

Following these rules when you use your email will make sure that you’ve done the best you can to protect yourself from Viruses, Malware, RansomWare, Hackers and Identity Theft.

Happy emailings.

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