Ransomware gets more destructive in 2017

WannaCry, NotPetya, Bad Rabbit and CryptoMix Ransomware attacks increase this week What a way to start the week. The very first call we received on Monday morning was ‘help all our company files are encrypted’! No problem, we have various methods of recovering from Malware including previous versions, image backups and daily disk backups to…

Windows Vista reaches end of life on 10 April 2017 – Act Now!

Microsoft confirm Windows Vista reaches end of life and may become a major security risk from 10 April 2017. According to the Microsoft Lifecycle Fact Sheet Windows Vista reaches end of life on 10 April 2017.  After this date any computer running Windows Vista will no longer receive critical windows updates. Windows Vista reaches end of life is…

Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is here at last, and it’s free! Sounds too good to be true of a giant corporation that once charged for everything from word processing to gaming.  Like us, however, I’m sure you are being bombarded with messages about upgrading to Windows 10.  So what to do? Should you upgrade? Well, our first comment is…

Windows 10 currently known issues

We are closely monitoring the release of Windows 10 and are even running it on our own computers here in the office.  So far we have experienced the following issues… Sage Accounts: Untested and won’t be tested until AFTER the release of Windows 10 in July. Online Backup: The online backup software is NOT compatible…

Windows 7 Startup Repair Epidemic

Yesterday we started receiving an unprecedented rush of computers all showing exactly the same symptoms… The symptoms are all described as follows: Windows 7 gets stuck at the starting windows screen… Once you decide to reboot the computer you will be presented with the following boot up screen… When you choose ‘Launch Startup Repair’ you will be…

Hackers & Secure Passwords

Hackers!  We hate them.  You hate them. We have to change our passwords regularly and need to remember the millions of passwords now required, all because of them! Why do hackers exist? The prime reason hackers exist is to make money.  They continuously devise new ideas on how to extract money from us.  For example: Spam Mail: Sending…

Email Safety Tips

It’s so easy when we use email day in, day out to forget the basic rules of email safety. Some new users never get the opportunity to learn the rules and so can make some simple mistakes that can have devastating consequences. In our blog, we hope to help you learn the do’s and don’ts…

RAID Performance Benchmark Tests

Many techies often extol the virtues of RAID 1 over RAID 5 and RAID 10 over all others.  While taking information from forums is a great source of learning, I needed to ‘see’ some figures for myself.  Luckily we had just taken delivery of a brand new Dell PowerEdge T320 with PERC H710 RAID Controller….

Why is my Broadband so slow?

Contention Ratio UK Broadband is a ‘contended’ service. This means that you share your broadband line with your neighbours. The contention ratio for home users is 50:1 and for businesses it is 20:1. But in reality this contention ratio may mean that businesses lose out. Take, for example, your average home. Let’s say there are…

BT Infinity for business?

Are you surrounded by BT infinity, but can’t upgrade? Many of our customers are asking if BT infinity is available to them.  But when I search online I find that Infinity is not available to them.  Nothing odd about that until, that is, you check the road behind, front, to the left or to the…

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