BT Infinity for business?

Are you surrounded by BT infinity, but can’t upgrade?

Many of our customers are asking if BT infinity is available to them.  But when I search online I find that Infinity is not available to them.  Nothing odd about that until, that is, you check the road behind, front, to the left or to the right!

A quick check of nearby roads (within 100 yards) finds that Infinity IS available, to them.  Hmm, what’s the difference?

Recently I was working alongside a BT engineer.  While chatting I happened to mention that we could not get Infinity at our office in the High Street.  ‘Yes you can!’ he exclaimed.  ‘No we can’t’ I retorted.  He said he knew for a fact that we could as he was involved in wiring up the green box in the street outside our office.  So I showed him the BT infinity checker which revealed that it was NOT available to us.  He was speechless.

As part of my job I travel, a lot, and I’ve noticed a pattern.  It seems that in areas where there are a high level of businesses the BT database will not allow you to order Infinity even though the cabinet has been upgraded.

In areas of low business density BT infinity checker will allow you order Infinity.  Could this be a postcode lottery?

If so we, and a lot of our customers, have lost!

So come on BT, fess up!  Why the lottery?  Oh… Wait… Could it be this?…


Leased lines cost much more than Infinity which can be beyond the means of many small businesses and are simply over-kill.

So the question is: Does this keep the UK competitive in the global village?  Is this the future of business in Britain?  While countries such as Lithuania are getting 300 Mbps internet the UK is, literally, holding back it’s businesses at a time that they need to be supported as much as possible to remain competitive.

If you have been affected by the postcode lottery and think it might be holding you back, please leave a comment below so that we can get some answers from BT.

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