Archiving Email in Outlook

Many people confuse Archive with Auto Archive.  Auto archive is NOT recommended and should be avoided/disabled.  Auto archiving takes your emails out of outlook and places them into a hidden folder on the C: drive of your computer or laptop.  If you lose the computer for any reason, theft, damage or age, then you also lose your archives.

NOTE: This is not an automatic process so please do it quarterly or annually to suit your needs.

We recommend you correctly archive mail as follows:

  1. Open Outlook
    Start archiving your Outlook Email properly
  2. Choose ‘File’
  3. Choose ‘Archive…’
  4. Very carefully select the options below:
    Select these settings for Outlook Archive to work correctly.
  5. RED:  Ensure that you select the redcircled items as per the image 1.2 above
  6. REEN: Set the date.  Any items BEFORE this date will be moved out of outlook and into the archive folder.
  7. BLUE:  Browse to the file location.  Choose a location ON the network so that it gets backed up with the company backup.  Give it a sensible name so you know how to find the emails later.
  8. Click ‘OK’

Archiving can take several hours to complete.  You can continue to use outlook while it is archiving.

You will see an archive status in the status bar at the bottom right hand side of Outlook.

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