Alcom Online Backup

Don’t leave your data to chance!  The Number 1 question we are asked when called to repair a workstation or server is ‘Can you save our data?’.  Our response is always that we will try our best, but of course you do have your data backed up don’t you?    Don’t panic!

Can you guess what 75% of customers respond with?  That’s right; ‘I was planning to backup, but I didn’t know how’.

Our aim is to take your problems away which is why we created our ‘hands-off’ Alcom Online Backup System granting you extra piece of mind, kept extremely simple through clever technology.

The idea is that, once set up, the Alcom Online Backup is completely automated and even emails you to let you know that it’s been successful and how much data you have backed up.

Alcom Online Backup Security Encryption MethodsHow it works:

Setup your system yourself, or call us for a helping hand:

  1. Simply download & install our Alcom Online Backup client
  2. Choose a username and password
  3. Select the files/folders that you wish to backup
  4. Schedule your preferred backup time(s)

Then sit back and relax while our system:

  1. uses the password you chose to encrypt your data
  2. sends your encrypted data to our secure servers which are stored in the UK
  3. email you with the backup result and space used
  4. let you, and only you, restore your data with your password only
  5. only send changed files on future backups reducing the time taken to upload files

Yes, it really is that easy!

That’s what we do.  We make your life simpler, safer and quicker leaving you time to get on with the things you love.

To prove how easy it really is we even offer you a FREE 30 day trial (no card details necessary) of our Alcom Online Backup Service.  Just follow the instructions above to get started today.

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